What Is Meant By Managed Print Services?

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Managed Print Services aims to bring a holistic and strategic printing and document management approach. It allows organisations to focus on their core business activities while optimising their printing infrastructure for efficiency and cost savings. 

This blog post explains managed print services and their benefits for businesses of all sizes. 


What Are Managed Print Services? 

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a comprehensive solution that outsources managing and optimising an organisation’s print infrastructure. It involves assessing, monitoring, and overseeing all aspects of the printing environment, including devices, processes, and workflows. 


What is Meant By Managed Print Services? 

Assessment and Optimisation 

Conducting an initial assessment of the organisation’s existing print environment to understand the current state, including device usage, costs, and efficiency. 

Device Consolidation and Standardisation 

Identify opportunities to consolidate and standardise the fleet of printers and multifunction devices. Implement a more efficient mix of devices that align with the organisation’s needs and usage patterns. 

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance 

Utilising remote monitoring tools to track the performance and status of printing devices in real time. Providing proactive maintenance and timely repairs to minimise downtime and disruptions. 

Supply Management 

Managing and replenishing supplies such as toner and paper to ensure continuous operation. Implementing automated processes to track and order supplies as needed, reducing waste and costs. 

Security Enhancements 

Implementing security measures to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorised access to printing devices. Integrating secure print release mechanisms, user authentication, and encryption protocols. 

Cost Control and Reporting 

Implementing cost-control measures to monitor and manage printing expenses. Generating detailed reports on usage, costs, and environmental impact for informed decision-making. 

User Training and Support 

Providing training and support for end-users to promote efficient and responsible printing habits. Offering helpdesk support to address any printing-related issues and inquiries. 

Environmental Sustainability 

Implementing eco-friendly printing practices to reduce the environmental impact of printing activities. Promoting duplex printing, energy-efficient devices, and responsible disposal of outdated equipment. 


Who Needs Managed Print Services? 

  • Large Enterprises: Large organisations with extensive printing needs benefit from the scalability and efficiency that Managed Print Services offer. The ability to manage a diverse range of devices and workflows is particularly advantageous for enterprises with complex structures. 
  • Medium-Sized Businesses: Medium-sized businesses seeking cost-effective solutions and improved efficiency find MPS a valuable resource. MPS can help these businesses navigate print management challenges without needing a dedicated in-house printing team. 
  • Industries with High Printing Volumes: Industries that rely heavily on printing, such as legal, finance, and healthcare, stand to gain the most from MPS. The optimisation of printing workflows and cost control measures align with the specific needs of these sectors. 
  • Companies Focused on Sustainability: Organisations committed to environmental sustainability can leverage MPS to implement green printing practices. By reducing paper waste, optimising energy usage, and recycling consumables, businesses contribute to eco-friendly initiatives. 

Managed Print Services have evolved into a strategic solution for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency, control costs, and embrace sustainable printing practices. The benefits of cost savings, increased efficiency, and environmental responsibility make MPS a compelling choice for various enterprises, especially those with complex printing needs. Whether a large corporation, a medium-sized business, or an industry with high printing volumes, adopting Managed Print Services can pave the way for a more streamlined and optimised print environment, ultimately contributing to the organisation’s overall success. 

At Control Print Solutions, we understand businesses’ challenges in managing their print environments efficiently. With our comprehensive Managed Print Services, we offer tailored solutions to streamline your printing processes, control costs, and enhance overall efficiency. 


Why Choose Us? 

  • Predictable monthly budgeting: Bid farewell to unpredictable budgeting. Our transparent cost-per-page model allows you to plan effectively, eliminating the uncertainty associated with variable print costs. 
  • Tailored Solutions: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our MPS solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of your business. Every aspect is tailored for maximum impact, from device optimisation to security measures. 
  • Security Assurance: Your data is your asset, and we treat it as such. Our robust security measures provide peace of mind and protect sensitive information from threats. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Printing should enhance, not hinder, your workflow. We focus on increasing the efficiency of your printing processes, ensuring that your team can focus on what matters most – your core business activities. 

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