Our Comprehensive Service Offering

A man using a printer

At Control Print, we aim to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things print, providing you with access to a range of innovative managed print solutions for every eventuality.

Print security software, print management solutions, and mobile and cloud printing services are just some of the services we offer businesses across the UK to help promote responsible printing, save money, and increase efficiency in the workplace.

Our solution offering goes further than just print too; we recently launched our Contactless Sign In Solution; the perfect alternative to timesheets and paper visitor books.

Here’s a breakdown of our service offering…

We stock hundreds of devices to suit all needs and budgets

From simple desktop printers to high-speed multifunctional devices that can scan, copy and print in the blink of any eye – we guarantee we have a machine that can fulfill your needs and also fall well within budget.

All of the machines we stock are of high quality and made by the best manufacturers in the industry.

Looking for a new machine but don’t know where to start? Try our interactive tool for an instant recommendation here.

We provide managed print services and device leases

We deliver your device preconfigured, and a Control Print Technician will arrive to set up your machine. Once set up, you’ll be ready to start using your machine straight away.

You won’t need to worry about toner levels and buying consumables – we do it all for you. Your machine will alert us when supplies are running low, and we will deliver them to your door before you even run out.

What’s more, all maintenance, servicing and repairs are included in your lease and if you ever need assistance with your machine, a technician will arrive onsite to fix and service it.

COVID secure print solutions

We recently launched two brand new solutions to help promote social distancing and limit contact with shared surfaces in the workplace.

Our contactless print solution eliminates the print queue and limits employee contact with the printer by allowing users to send print jobs to the printer from the safety of their own smartphone. You can read more about our contactless print solution and its benefits here.

Our contactless sign-in solution is a safe and secure alternative to visitor books and timesheets. With digital sign-in, employees and visitors can sign into your building by scanning a QR code on their smartphone, meaning they do not need to touch any shared surfaces, reducing the risk of contamination. To discover more about our contactless sign-in solution, read our latest blog post.

Want to speak to a member of our team?

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about one of our services, please call 01525 261519.