Cloud back up – why is it important?

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What is Cloud backup? 

Cloud backup is a system that enables a copy of your cloud data to be safely secured and located elsewhere to prevent your data from being compromised. 


What are the different Cloud-based options?


A public Cloud Backup System 

This consists of copying data directly to cloud infrastructure providers.


Internal Cloud Backup – ensures that yourdata to be protected within your network security system; it also gives you complete control over internal data. 


Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud Backup – gives you the option to store data on a premise and back up any other data to the Cloud. 


Hosted, Private Cloud – Ideal for those working with SaaS data, as it provides versatile compatibility options. 

Some key Cloud-based features to consider are: 

  • Backup frequency: This is one of the most consistent and reliable solutions because it provides multiple daily backups multiple times in the day. 
  • The efficiency of a backup: Always contingency plan – planning data restoration just in case. Doing this enables less time to get back in business in the event of any unforeseen unwarranted circumstances. 
  • Pricing structure: This covers any possible charges for any extra storage or recovery processes. 
  • Customer support: So that if your data is compromised, you have a helping hand when you need it. 

So why is it important? 

  • Completes a full and secure backup recovery. 
  • Takes care of the otherwise manual and complicated backup elements. 
  • Enables a more straightforward costing process. 
  • Guaranteed reliable data recovery. 
  • It helps you minimise the risk and cost of downtime. 
  • Relying on a well-managed cloud system that is more secure than your data. 
  • Easy setup with no training. 
  • Most importantly, it restores data – fast. 

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