3 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Office Printing Costs

3 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Office Printing Costs

The average UK office spends between 3-5% of its annual revenue on printing costs however, many of these companies aren’t even aware of how much they’re spending. 

In this article, we look at ways to reduce your printing costs without compromising on the quality of your print or your employees’ productivity.  


Upgrade to an energy-efficient device 

The energy efficiency of modern laser printers has advanced significantly in recent years. Industry-leading manufacturers like Konica Minolta are renowned for their passion for sustainable print and have designed and produced hundreds of devices that offer a low-energy-consumption print solution. 

Switching to a smart, energy-efficient machine will help save on running costs and prevent overspending on consumables.   

Still, have a few months to see through on your current printer lease? Not to worry, we can look at your current agreement and factor in your outstanding balance when calculating your new contract, so there will be no surprise charges. 


Get savvy with your printing 

One of the easiest ways to save money on printing costs is to change how you print. Most modern-day printers have adjustable settings to help you use less and save more. Consider making the following changes to your printer’s settings: 

  • Black and white mode 
  • Double-sided printing 
  • Draft mode 

In addition, there are several other tweaks you can make to ensure you are wasting less and cutting costs: 

  • Consider whether or not printing your document is essential 
  • Reduce the font size to get more content on fewer sheets 
  • Make sure you proofread everything to avoid wasted print jobs. 

No matter how small all these things may seem, doing them consistently over time will pay dividends in the long run. 


Use a managed print service 

With a managed print service, you know exactly how much your printer usage costs your business, as all consumables and servicing are included in the price. By knowing your exact print costs per page, you can easily forecast and budget for your annual office printing expenses. 


When looking for ways to reduce the cost of your office printing, you don’t need to sacrifice quality or productivity to save your business money. This month, we have helped hundreds of businesses switch to a more cost-effective way of printing, helping to reduce their outgoings and save money where it matters. 

If you would like to speak to one of our managed print specialists about your current infrastructure and discuss how we can help you, please call us on 01525 261519. 

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