How to Promote Social Distancing in the Workplace with our Contactless Solutions

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COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world; however, many UK businesses are required to stay open as they provide essential services to the population.


Here is how our new Contactless Solutions can help to promote social distancing and help keep employees and visitors safe in the workplace.

Our Digital Sign-In Solution

No queues in reception

Our Digital Sign-In Solution is super quick, meaning there will be no queues in reception so your staff and visitors can socially distance safely.

No contact with office staff

As your employees and visitors are entirely free to sign in to your building independently, they won’t need to come into contact with your reception staff, meaning no leaning on the desk, no unsafe interactions with employees and no touching a pen or visitor book!

No touching shared surfaces

Staff and visitors won’t need to touch a shared screen to sign in to your building as they will be doing so from their phones.

Our Contactless Print Solution

Employees can collect their print jobs from the printer when it is safe to do so

Your employees can send their print jobs to the printer at any time and can wait until the printer is free before they go and collect it. This means there will never be a queue at the printer.

No one needs to touch the printer

Employees can instruct the printer to release their print job from their smartphone so that they do not need to touch the printer.

Employees can send print jobs to the office from home

If some of your employees are working from home, they can still send print jobs to the office printer from the safety of their home.

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