What Does Machine Leasing Mean?

Person using printer

Business owners often toy with the idea of printer leasing for many different reasons, whether it’s to save money, free up cash flow or enhance and modernise their printing infrastructure.

What exactly does it mean to ‘lease’ a machine?

Leasing a printer or photocopier is pretty much like renting or leasing anything else in life. You pay monthly or quarterly to use a single printer or entire fleet of printers in your workplace.

What are the benefits?

  • The overall cost of the machine is broken down into smaller monthly payments.
  • The device will be brand new.
  • Access to a machine from the print industry’s leading manufacturers.
  • You can select a machine that suits your needs and requirements.

Leasing a machine from us is different

When you lease a device from Control Print, you also have the option to incorporate other benefits and services into your lease. Choose a variety of add-ons, including:

Additional solutions – Contactless print, printer security and print management software can all be installed on your machine to help you get the most from it.

In addition to this, under the service agreement, if your machine is to encounter a problem, we will be notified and send an engineer out to fix the problem straight away.

Please speak to us about your next machine today!

If you’re considering a new rental machine, we can help you find the best machine for you. We have an easy-to-use online tool that will provide an instant recommendation. Or you can contact us and speak to an advisor.

Want to speak to us about a new device or one of our solutions?

We stock hundreds of devices to suit all needs and budgets. If you would like to speak to us about leasing your next machine or would like to find out more about our innovative solutions, get in touch.