Simple Printer Maintenance Tips

Simple Printer Maintenance Tips

Here’s some simple maintenance tips to help you prolong the life of your printer…

Read the manual

The number one maintenance tip!

It’s important that you read your printer’s manual before setting up and installing your printer to ensure that it is set up correctly to begin with and to reduce potential problems arising further down the line.

Keep your manual close to your printer

…Or somewhere safe (that you will remember).

There’s nothing more annoying than being faced with a printer that just won’t print, and you can’t find the manual to find out why or how to fix it!

Keep your manual close to your printer so that you can refer back to it if a problem occurs.

Clean your printer

Cleaning your printer can reduce the build up of dust, toner and debris, which can later lead to jams and other annoying issues.

Before attempting to clean your printer, refer to your printer’s manual to ensure you’re cleaning your printer to the manufacturer’s standards, following the correct procedures and to avoid voiding your warranty.

Download the latest drivers

A printer driver is the software installed on your computer that controls your printer and converts the data to be printed into a format that a printer can understand; essentially driving the printer to do what is required of it.

Occasionally a manufacturer will make important updates to printer drivers in order to improve its performance, add extra features or to resolve a problem.

You can avoid and fix common problems with your printer by ensuring you download the latest drivers.

Choose the right location for your printer

Choosing the right location for your printer is really important, as environmental conditions can greatly impact your printer’s performance.

– Ensure there is good ventilation in the room
– Avoid keeping your printer in a dusty or humid location
– Don’t obstruct the machines vents with other objects, furniture or by keeping it close to a wall
– Avoid keeping your printer close to radiators and heaters
– Don’t store the printer too close to any other heat-emitting equipment

Turn it off when it's not being used

Printers emit a lot of heat, which can cause the print head and cartridges to dry up quickly if they are not being used.

If you know the printer is not going to be used for a while, turn it off to help prolong the life of the parts inside and to avoid future problems.

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