How to reduce your printer’s paper waste

How to reduce your printer’s paper waste

If you can reduce the amount of paper you waste in the office, not only can you have a positive impact on the environment, you can save money too.

With these simple solutions listed below, you will have the opportunity to dramatically cut your printer’s paper waste, and potentially save your company a substantial amount of money.

Print documents double-sided

By printing your documents double-sided, you can reduce your paper usage by up to 50%.

You can enable this function from the settings menu on your printer and can also set it as the default for future printing.

Print multiple pages per sheet

It’s handy to know that you can also print multiple pages per sheet. You can enable this in the same menu as the double-sided setting – and select anything from two pages per sheet right through to eight pages per sheet.

Always be sure to check ‘print preview’ to verify that the text is readable and to avoid wasting further paper.

If you combine this function with printing double-sided, your paper usage can be reduced significantly.

Change default settings

By changing your computer’s default text settings, you will be able to fit much more text on each page. You can do this by reducing the margins and decreasing the font size to 10 pt.

Limit printer access

Limit who can access the printer by password protecting it. This way, only a small number of staff will have the ability to use the printer, and as a result, reducing the number of documents sent to the printer.

Invest in a managed print service

The final, and best way to reduce your printer’s paper waste is to utilise a managed print service with Control Print Solutions. Alongside saving a significant amount of paper, having a managed print service can also provide additional benefits such as:

– Only pay for what you use
– Print supplies automatically delivered to your office before you run out
– Ability to control your printing costs due to constant monitoring

Want to know more about our managed print services? You can chat to one of our friendly and professional team via the online chat feature on our website.