The Benefits of a Multifunctional Device

Image of a person using a photocopier

Popular in schools, universities and corporations, multifunctional devices (MFD’s) do a lot more than just print documents. Scan, copy, and print at high speeds, on a variety of paper sizes all from one single device.  

Discover the benefits of the revolutionary devices for the modern business. 


Takes up less room  

When investing in an MFD, you do not need to make the space for a separate printer, copier, or scanner.  


Power saving 

With an MFD, you are only paying to run one machine which means less electricity required to power it and less money spent on consumables.  


Intuitive interface  

The majority of MFD’s boast an intuitive interface, much like a tablet that displays key metrics and allows you to add additional information such as email addresses.  


All in one  

With an MFD, you no longer need a device for each job, as it does it all for you. Most all-in-one printer can even fax (for the people who still require this function). What’s more, MFD’s usually offer additional printing functionality such as scan to email, which is particularly handy. 


More cost-effective  

Although most MFD’s initially do cost more than the price of a single printer, they still cost less than purchasing three individual machines all for different uses.  


If you are looking for a printer that does everything, then an MFD is for you. If you would like some help or want to learn more about the models, we recommend for your requirements, then speak to our team today.