Is it safe to scan and print important documents?

Is it safe to scan and print important documents?

There is always a risk when scanning and printing documents. However, there are several things that you can do to reduce the risk of a confidential data breach when scanning and printing your documents. 


Keep your printer drivers up to date 

Your printer’s drivers contain the latest bug fixes, new features, and software updates. Keeping these up to date reduces the risk of experiencing printer problems and maximises your printer’s security. 


Never scan or print when using a public WIFI 

Always think: public = unsecure. If you are printing over a public WIFI network, you can never be sure who else has access, and this includes access to the information you are printing. 


What’s the risk? 

When your computer connects to the printer over public WIFI, an attacker can intercept and “read” the information. So, what you thought was private no longer is. 


Only print your documents when you are ready to collect them 

Although this goes without saying, you would be surprised just how many documents are left at the printer and never collected. All these documents more than likely contain names, addresses and other important details that need to stay confidential. 


Only print your documents when you are ready to go and collect them from the printer. This will completely eliminate the risk of your important documents ending up in the wrong hands. 


Looking for a print solution that can help you keep your important documents safe? 

We have the perfect solution! Our Contactless Print Solution boasts several features that can help protect the sensitive information that you may print. 


One of the best features of our Contactless Print Solution is the ‘Secure Print Release’ function. This function enables you to print from anywhere, from any device – then only collect your job when you arrive at the printer by scanning a QR code. 


Our solution also encrypts your documents. This means that information on your documents is converted into secret code that hides its true meaning – protecting your documents and their contents. 


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