How to save money on your printing costs

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Every single business, charity, and educational establishment in this country wants to minimise unnecessary and costly print waste.

And guess what? It’s easier to get started than you may have imagined!

With a few simple changes, you could save not only save hundreds on your print costs annually, but also significantly reduce the amount of print waste your business generates.

In this article, you will discover our best practices for reducing print waste and cutting costs.


Educate your workforce

Sometimes all it takes is a little education to start seeing results.

Take some time to educate your employees on the cost and the impacts of wasteful printing and provide them with.

Encourage your employees to ask themselves three questions before they print a document:

  1. Do I really need to print this document?
  2. If I do need to print this document, are there any meaningless pages that I can delete before doing so?
  3. Is there anything I can do to a) reduce the cost of this print job and b) limit the amount of paper / ink I use when printing?

Encouraging your employees to ask themselves these three questions will really make them consider the impacts and help them make the right decision.

Of course, there will be many times when they do need to print something. So, it’s a good idea to offer some suggestions on how they can print more sustainably.

There are several things you can suggest your employees do to help save paper and reduce costs such as:

  1. Print on both sides of the paper
  2. Print only in black and white
  3. Reduce the size of the text on the document
  4. Save the document as a PDF to your desktop and use it that way instead

Another handy tip for saving paper is to reuse your scrap. Before you print, add the scrap to the tray and print on the blank side of the sheet (just remember to face the paper the right way so it does print on the blank side).


Use a print management tool

Our industry- leading print management tool boasts several innovative features that can help you save money and eliminate waste.


Intuitive dashboard

View usage by individual, team or across the board and easily identify areas of extreme use and implement changes to tackle this.


Set usage limits

Prevent careless printing by setting limits. Allocate daily, weekly, or even monthly caps on how many pages each person, department or team can print and watch your output and costs reduce significantly.


Print popups

Print popups are messages that appear at certain times during the print process. They all require an action to proceed with the action and are usually questions like:

  • Are you sure you want to print this?
  • Why not consider saving your document instead?

These popups are easily implemented and a great way to prevent wasteful printing or promote more environmentally friendly printing.


Secure print release function

This innovate function ensures that a document is only ever printed if the job owner is there to collect it. This means no more uncollected print jobs filling up the printer tray.

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