A Day in the Life of a Control Print Technician

A man using a printer

Our technicians are at the centre of everything we do; they provide emergency support to our clients, and they also carry out regular and ongoing maintenance and servicing. 


Ever wondered what a Control Print Technician gets up to on a typical day? In this post, discover everything Technician Darrell gets up to. 


9 am: Morning Meeting 

Every day, we start with a morning meeting. Everyone takes 15 minutes or so to get together and discuss the day ahead. This gives us the opportunity to get on the same page and identify any roadblocks.  

I enjoy the morning meeting as it prepares me for the day and gives me the chance to catch up with my colleagues.  


09:30 am: Prioritisation of Tasks 

 After getting settled in and doing the morning essentials, I log onto the portal to see what jobs I’ve got on for the day. These jobs tend to vary and can include anything from a regular infrastructure review, to brand new software installation. 


10am – 12 pm: Complete Morning Tasks  

The first half of my day is usually based in the office; this is great for me as it allows me to make follow up calls and respond to any enquires and carry out any client jobs that can be done remotely.  


12-1pm: Lunchtime  

I usually break for lunch anywhere between 12 and 2. A quick bite to eat and a walk around the local park in enough to get me in the mindset for the afternoon ahead.  


1-4 pm: Head Out on the Road 

After lunch, I head out to go and do the jobs I can’t do virtually.  


Today imheading out to a local law firm who require three new multifunctional devices installed in their busy office. This takes me and another technician a few hours to complete.  


4-5 pm: Next Client 

Next, I head over to my second client of the day – an educational establishment. This job is to carry out planned maintenance on a number of their devices which is relatively quick and simple to do. 


4-5 pm: Finishing off 

I start my close-down by doing a report of the day and ensuring all my jobs are done; it’s important that I close any ticketed jobs daily. Once I’m happy that my slate looks clean and ready to start the next day afresh, I close down and make my way home, prepared to do it all again tomorrow. 


I can honestly say being a print technician here at Control Print is a fun-filled job, where no two days are ever the same; it’s a joy to work for a company that allows me to thrive in what I do best!