Control Prints Innovative Contactless Print Solution Allows Businesses to Increase Security, Save Money and Reduce their Carbon Footprint

Business Savings

When it comes to printing sensitive data, any good business owner will want to ensure they do so as safely and securely as possible. In addition to this, any sensible business owner will also want to do all they can to save money, eliminate print wastage and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our contactless print solution helps business owners to achieve just that. Here’s how…

How does our solution increase security?

Our contactless print solution features a ‘Secure Print Release‘ function. This function allows users to print their sensitive documents at any time, but the printer will ‘hold onto’ the document until the print owner arrives at the printer and scans a QR code to confirm they are ready to collect it. This function prevents any sensitive printed data from being picked up by the wrong person, providing a completely safe and secure way of printing.

How does our solution save money?

Our contactless print solution boasts an interactive dashboard that displays valuable information and provides insight into print usage and spend. By using this interactive dashboard, you can see how much your business is spending on print as a whole, by department, or by individual user.

In addition to this, the dashboard allows you to change how you use your printer by enabling paper and ink saving functions and setting printing limits. By setting limits and allowing a budget for your business’s print usage, you can save money on paper, ink, toner and electricity.

How does our solution reduce carbon footprint?

As well as providing businesses with a secure way of printing sensitive documents, our contactless print solutions’ Secure Print Release’ function can also help to eliminate waste and reduce their carbon footprint. By stopping the printer from releasing documents without the print owner being present at the printer to collect their job, it eliminates the risk of having a pile of uncollected print jobs at the printer – completely eliminating your business’s print waste.

Addition benefits of our cloud print solution, include:

  • It’s quick and easy to set up.
  • It’s compatible with any smartphone.
  • It facilitates ‘no touch’ print to make printing safer during these uncertain times.
  • It can be entirely managed via an interactive dashboard on any smartphone.

Would you like to discover more about of contactless print solution?

We are passionate about what we do, and we aim to provide the best possible service to business owners in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. So, if you would like to discover more about our contactless print solution, or any of our other solutions or products, please give our helpful and friendly team a call on 01525 261519.