5 Signs Your Printer is Past its Best

5 Signs Your Printer is Past its Best

If you’re a busy office manager, you’ll know more than most just how much you rely on the trusted office printer. However, like most technology, printers don’t last forever. 


So, how do you know when to upgrade your printer? There are signs to look out for that indicate your printer is on its way out. This blog post outlines five key signs your printer is giving up the ghost.  


You can no longer source consumables (or they’re ridiculously expensive!) 

As a general rule of thumb, the more difficult it is to find the right parts and consumables for your printer, the less popular the device is. This is usually because, over time, older ink and toner cartridge models become obsolete and more expensive, so manufacturers stop making them. 

If you can no longer find the right replacement parts, ink, or toner for your printer, it’s time to invest in a new one.  


It’s slowing down 

Like most things, as technology ages, it slows down and becomes less productive. Constant paper jams, turning itself off regularly and refusing to print documents are all signs your printer is worn out and needs replacing. 


Your print quality is suffering  

Streaky or light prints, smudged text, and missing pages are all symptoms of a rapidly declining printer. If you’ve noticed sudden changes in your print quality, it’s time to swap your ageing printer for something new.  


Its technology no longer meets your needs 

The office technology we invest in is designed to make our work lives easier, not harder. So, if your printer is slowing you down and turning simple tasks into a chore, it’s time to look for something more productive.  

Nowadays, printers do so much more than just print documents. Thanks to evolving technology, we can choose devices equipped with innovative tools such as document management, print finishing options, and built-in security features.  


It needs regular repairs 

If you continually need to have your printer serviced or repaired, and the repair costs are almost the cost of a new printer, it is better to buy a replacement. 

It might be time to ask yourself: Is keeping that printer running costing me more money than it’s worth? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to start shopping! 

Printers are an essential tool in any well-functioning office and must be adequately maintained to guarantee efficiency and longevity. Failure to maintain your printers correctly can often result in downtime and potentially costly repair bills.  

We include all maintenance and servicing as part of our managed print services, so you never have to worry about unexpected repair costs or disruption again. 


Are you looking for a new office printer? 

We stock hundreds of multifunctional devices from leading manufacturers such as HP and Konica Minolta. If you need help determining what printer is right for you, you can use our handy recommendation tool here or call our team, who will guide you through your options.