Environmentally conscious workplace printing practices

Environmentally conscious workplace printing practices

Interested in adopting more environmentally friendly printing practices in your workplace? We love working with businesses of all sizes to facilitate greener printing processes.  

Here’s our advice on how to print more sustainably in your workplace.  


Educate your employees 

Education is key. Make your employees aware of how much they are printing, ask them if what they are printing is really necessary, and educate them about the cost and environmental implications of excessive usage. 

Customers of ours have the choice of incorporating a number of print management software solutions into their agreement with us. One of these is Mobile and Cloud Print. The beauty of this solution is that users can view and track printer usage either by individual or department, making it easy to identify any wastage. 

In addition to this, our Mobile and Cloud Print Solution boasts an innovative ‘secure print release’ function which prevents unauthorised work from being printed needlessly. It works by sending the item to the printer but waits for the document owner to arrive at the printer and confirm they are ready to accept the printed document before printing it – completely eliminating print waste.  


Recycle your toner cartridges 

Did you know that a single toner cartridge can be refilled and reused up to seven times before it is fit for landfill? Quite shocking considering many of us throw them away after just one use.  

When you become a customer of ours, we give you the option to sign up for our Toner Recycling Service – when your toners run out, simply store them in a box and they will be collected, recycled, and reused. 


Would you like to find out more about any of the services mentioned in this article? Our team are available to talk you through our services and devices to help you discover the perfect print management solution for your business. Give our professional and friendly team a call today on 01525 261519.