What Is Document Management?

document management

Document management solutions aim to improve efficiency, productivity, and sensitive data control within an organisation by providing a centralised and structured approach to document handling. Document management is proven to simplify document access collaboration, improve internal processes and can significantly reduce associated costs. 

This blog post will explain document management and how it can benefit your business. 


What is document management? 

Document management is the process of managing, storing, and organising documents within a business. This can include invoices, payslips, presentations, and contracts. 

Document management solutions provide an organised and secure method for handling and processing both physical and digital documents throughout their lifecycle, including the following: 

  • Creation 
  • Scanning and digitising 
  • Organisation and categorisation 
  • Tracking and version control 
  • Protection and encryption 
  • Retrieval 
  • Archiving and disposal 


The benefits of document management 

Investing in a document management solution can offer several benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced security – Document management systems are equipped with security features that help to protect sensitive information, such as user permissions, encryption, and strict access control. 
  • Compliance – Document management solutions help businesses stay compliant by facilitating safe and secure document handling, storage, and retrieval. 
  • Improved organisation – With structured organisation, advanced search capabilities and easy-to-use functions, document management solutions reduce unnecessary labour costs by allowing employees to focus on their job. 
  • Team collaboration – With document management, multiple team members can work on the same document, viewing updates in real time. 
  • Cost reduction – Document management solutions are cloud-based, meaning businesses do not need to physically print and store their documents leading to reduced storage and printing costs. 
  • Waste reduction – Document management solutions encourage employees to use digital copies over paper versions, reducing the need to print multiple copies and eliminating unnecessary print. 


Document management solutions from Control Print  

We provide document management systems allowing our clients to manage their documents safely and securely while ensuring that procedural methods and compliance are followed correctly. Not only does this mean that our clients can iron out inefficiencies for better workflow, but they can significantly reduce their costs too. 

Please find out more about our innovative document management solution here.