What Is A Print Audit And Why Do You Need One?

print audit

In this current economic climate, businesses constantly seek new ways to reduce costs due to uncertainty, fierce competition, and rising expenses. 

When reviewing outgoings and costs, one of the most commonly overlooked areas is a business’s print infrastructure. A great way to gain insight into your overall printing costs is to have a managed print provider review your print infrastructure with a comprehensive print audit. 

In this article, we explain what a print audit is, how it works and the benefits it can offer your business. 


What Is A Print Audit? 

A print audit is a comprehensive analysis of an organisation’s printing activity, technology, document management practices, and costs to help identify areas of inefficiency and unnecessary spending. Once completed, a managed print management provider will implement strategies to reduce costs, improve productivity, and streamline printing processes. 

A print audit typically includes the following: 

  • Gathering data about existing printers/devices on the network. 
  • Tracking and analysing print volumes, page sizes, colour usage, and document types. 
  • Analysing hardware, maintenance, consumables, and energy costs for each device. 
  • Providing recommendations on how to optimise the printing environment, reduce consumption, and lower prices. 


Why Do You Need A Print Audit? 

Conducting a print audit for your organisation has many benefits: 


Cost Reduction 

A print audit will identify areas of inefficiency and excessive waste within your business’s printing environment to help you make informed decisions about how you can reduce expenses. 


Improved Productivity 

By eliminating outdated, slow devices and implementing innovative software solutions, you can reduce downtime caused by printer issues, leading to increased productivity. 


Data Security 

A print audit can uncover security vulnerabilities related to document management and printing. This can help you implement better security measures, such as document encryption and user authentication, to protect sensitive information. 


Cost Visibility 

A print audit provides a clear and detailed breakdown of your printing costs, making it easier to understand overall expenses. This transparency can help control and reduce costs. 


Device Consolidation 

The audit can help you determine whether your organisation is utilising devices efficiently and whether your system is productive. Your managed print provider may recommend eliminating outdated devices or upgrading to more environmentally friendly, cost-effective equipment. 


Reduced Carbon Footprint 

A print audit will identify areas of overconsumption, waste, and inefficiency. Your managed print provider may suggest implementing duplex printing and upgrading to energy-efficient devices to reduce paper and energy waste to decrease your organisation’s environmental footprint. 

Overall, a print audit can have a positive impact on your organisation’s bottom line, carbon footprint, and operational efficiency. It provides valuable insights into print-related activities and costs, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and implement changes that result in significant benefits. 

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