What Does a Print Management Company Do?

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Managed Print Services offers a holistic print management approach, financial savings, workflow efficiency, environmental responsibility, and enhanced security. It’s a strategic process revolutionising how businesses handle their printing needs. 

This article explains: 

  1. What a Managed Print Service is 
  1. What a Managed Print Services company does 
  1. The benefits of a Managed Print Service 


What is a Managed Print Service?  

Managed Print Solutions is a comprehensive and holistic approach to overseeing an organisation’s printing environment. It goes beyond merely managing printers; it involves strategically optimising and controlling every aspect of the printing infrastructure. MPS is designed to streamline workflows, reduce costs, enhance security, and minimise environmental impact. 


What Does A Managed Print Services Company Do?  

A Managed Print Services Company is the driving force behind the successful implementation of a Managed Print Solution. Here’s a breakdown of what a Managed Print Services company like us does: 

  • Assessment and Analysis: We begin by thoroughly assessing a client’s existing printing infrastructure. This involves analysing the number and types of printers, print volumes, and associated costs. 
  • Optimisation Strategy: We will develop a customised optimisation strategy based on the assessment. This includes recommendations for consolidating or upgrading devices, implementing efficient workflows, and adopting cost-effective printing practices. 
  • Proactive Maintenance: We will proactively monitor and service printers and other devices. Regular monitoring and maintenance help prevent downtime, extend the lifespan of equipment, and enhance overall reliability. 
  • Deliver Consumables: We handle the supply of consumables, such as toner, as part of our comprehensive print management service. The goal is to ensure that our clients have a consistent and efficient supply of these essential materials without the burden of managing inventory and procurement. 
  • Improve Cost Control: We implement cost-saving measures such as print quotas, cost tracking, and rules-based printing to minimise unnecessary expenses and control costs. 
  • Increase Security: We implement security measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring that print jobs are secure and that unauthorised access is prevented. 
  • Enhance Environmental Sustainability: We help our clients reduce their environmental impact and contribute to sustainability goals by implementing strategies to minimise paper and energy waste. 
  • Provide Ongoing Support: We use advanced monitoring tools to track printers’ real-time health and performance to enable us to diagnose issues, perform updates, and troubleshoot problems without physically being on-site. 
  • Deliver Monthly Usage Reports: We generate detailed monthly reports on printer performance, usage trends, and maintenance activities to help our clients make informed decisions about their printing infrastructure. 


What Are the Benefits Of a Managed Print Service?  

Managed Print Services offer a range of benefits to organisations looking to optimise their printing environment and improve overall efficiency, such as: 

Print-Related Cost Reduction  

Managed print service providers conduct thorough assessments of the existing print fleet, analysing factors such as usage patterns, print volumes, and device efficiency. This optimisation process allows redundant or underutilised printers to be identified and either consolidated or replaced with more efficient models. 

Predictable Budgeting 

With a managed print service, businesses can predict and budget their print-related expenses more accurately. Fixed monthly or quarterly costs, often associated with cost-per-page models, allow for better financial planning and eliminate the unpredictability of fluctuating print costs. 

Reduced Environmental Impact 

A managed print service encourages eco-friendly practices such as optimising the print fleet for energy efficiency, promoting duplex printing to reduce paper usage, and introducing follow-me printing to minimise abandoned print jobs. 


Managed print services are scalable and can adapt to a business’s changing needs. As the organisation grows or changes, managed print services can be adjusted to accommodate new requirements. 

Enhanced Security 

Managed print services enhance print security by implementing comprehensive measures to protect physical devices and sensitive data. Robust security measures, such as user authentication, encrypted printing, and regular firmware updates, minimise the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches. 

Reduced Downtime 

By combining proactive monitoring, predictive maintenance, automated supplies management, user training, and strategic device management, MPS significantly reduces downtime, allowing businesses to maintain continuous and uninterrupted printing operations. 

By outsourcing the management of your printing infrastructure to a managed print provider, you can benefit from cost savings, improved efficiency, enhanced security, and a more sustainable and streamlined print environment. 

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