The Benefits of Managed Print Services

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A Managed Print Service (MPS) manages, consolidates, and optimises a business’s print infrastructure. 

Typically, MPS will cover everything from hardware and software to consumables and repairs and is managed and delivered by a third party. 

If you’re struggling to keep track of your printing expenses, are always running out of toner, or feel like your devices are no longer serving your needs, then MPS might be the solution for you. 

This article outlines the benefits of a Managed Print Service for businesses. 

How Does a Managed Print Service Work? 

MPS is a comprehensive solution designed to optimise an organisation’s printing infrastructure, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance overall document management. Here’s how it works: 

First, an MPS provider will analyse the existing devices, evaluate print volumes and user behaviours, and document workflows to identify weak points and areas of improvement. 

Based on the assessment, the MPS provider will recommend adjustments to the organisation’s print fleet. This may involve consolidating devices, upgrading outdated equipment, or strategically integrating software to optimise and streamline workflows. 

The Benefits of a Managed Print Service 


MPS solutions are scalable, allowing organisations to adapt their print infrastructure to changing business needs. Whether scaling up or down, MPS can accommodate shifts in print volume and device requirements. 

Improved Fleet Management  

MPS providers manage the entire print fleet, ensuring that devices are right-sized for the organisation’s needs, adequately maintained, and replaced or upgraded as necessary. 

Predictable Budgeting 

MPS typically operates on an all-in-one or price-per-page contract, allowing organisations to pay a fixed monthly fee for print services. This predictable cost structure simplifies budget planning and eliminates the variability associated with unpredictable print expenses. 

Enhances Security 

MPS providers enhance document security through features like user authentication, encryption, secure release printing, and safeguarding sensitive information. 

Cost Savings 

MPS offers detailed usage monitoring and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into print volumes, trends, and costs. This data allows organisations to make informed decisions about print-related expenses, allocate resources efficiently, and identify new opportunities for further cost reduction. 

Reduces Downtime 

MPS providers remotely monitor your print fleet in real-time, allowing them to identify and address potential issues before they cause downtime. This proactive approach minimises disruptions, ensuring printers are consistently available and running smoothly when employees need them. 

Enhances Employee Productivity 

A well-implemented MPS enhances employee productivity by creating a streamlined and efficient printing environment, minimising downtime, promoting user-friendly processes, and supporting the evolving needs of a modern workplace, including remote and flexible work arrangements. 

Explore Managed Print Services From Control Print  

At Control Print, we provide tailored Managed Print Solutions designed to enhance and streamline your print environment. From optimised printer placement to automated supplies replenishment, we take care of it all, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your core business operations. 

Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, our Managed Print Solutions are designed to scale with your business. As you grow, we adapt our services to meet your evolving needs, ensuring that your printing infrastructure remains efficient, cost-effective, and seamlessly integrated into your operations. 

Why Choose Us? 

  • We’re Adaptable: We adapt your print infrastructure to accommodate changes in your business’s needs, whether it involves scaling up or down, integrating new devices, or adjusting print policies. 
  • We’re Proactive: We proactively conduct regular device maintenance, update firmware and drivers, and promptly address technical issues to ensure your print infrastructure’s smooth operation. 
  • We’re Committed: Our team remotely monitors and maintains your devices to address potential issues and prevent downtime and disruptions. 

Need Our Help? 

Ready to transform your print infrastructure? Browse our range of services or speak to a Managed Print Expert to discuss how we can help you achieve hassle-free printing today.