The Benefits of Managed Print Services for Schools

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Schools, universities, and colleges are still primary consumers of traditional print in 2023. By implementing a Managed Print Service (MPS), the educational sector can transform how they print, reduce waste, and lower printing costs. 

In this article, we will cover: 

  • What a managed print service is 
  • The benefits of managed print for schools and other educational establishments 


What is a managed print service? 

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a comprehensive printing solution which manages a business’s printing processes. Most managed print providers will offer the following under their MPS service: 

  • A printer or MFP 
  • Consumables such as toner and paper 
  • Additional software solutions, if required 
  • Regular servicing and maintenance 
  • Any necessary repairs 
  • Printer support and updates 

A managed print service is an entirely bespoke service created around the individual needs of an organisation and, therefore, may not include all of the above. Your managed print provider will conduct a print audit and identify your printing requirements before creating a comprehensive managed print solution. 


The benefits of managed print services for schools 

Managed Print Services (MPS) offer several benefits to schools and other educational establishments looking to enhance their print infrastructure and streamline print-related processes. Here are some key benefits of implementing a managed print service for schools: 

  • Access to the latest printer security: As part of a managed print service, you can choose additional software solutions, such as advanced security features, to help protect your student’s sensitive information. 
  • Reduced printing costs: Advanced devices consume less energy and implement automatic printing processes to help cut excessive printing and reduce printing costs. 
  • Increased productivity: With a managed print service, your provider will be notified when you are running low on consumables such as toner, ink or paper, and they will deliver resources before you even realise you need them. 
  • Reduced downtime: If you encounter a problem with your machine, your managed print provider will attempt to rectify the situation remotely. If they cannot, they will promptly send an engineer to fix the issue on-site. 
  • Elimination of print waste: As most managed print services offer the option for additional software solutions such as cloud print, your establishment can see a significant reduction in unnecessary print waste straight away. 
  • Streamlined invoicing: A managed print service consolidates all associated printing costs into one single monthly payment, making life easier for your accounts department. 
  • Complete control: Advanced print management software and tools enable schools to monitor their print usage and manage processes to enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency. 

Overall, implementing a managed print service in schools and other educational establishments offers many benefits, including improved sustainability, streamlined processes and safer printing. 

By leveraging the expertise of a managed print provider like Control Print, you can optimise your print environment and enjoy the benefits of a well-managed and efficient printing infrastructure. 


Are you looking for managed print services? 

Are you responsible for managing printing processes in an educational setting? With our managed print services designed for the education sector, we can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and eliminate print waste. Please speak to one of our printer experts today to find out more.