The Benefits Of Document Scanning And Digitising

document scanning

As the world of technology advances, more and more businesses are searching for innovative digital tools to help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and boost productivity. 

One way in which businesses can achieve this is by scanning their paper documents and converting them into digital versions. This article explores the benefits of document scanning and digitising in 2023. 

What Is Document Digitisation? 

Document digitisation is the process of converting physical paper documents into digital formats. This process is typically done using a scanner to copy paper files and convert them into digital versions. Once these files have been digitised, they can be stored, accessed, edited, and managed electronically via a cloud-based document management system. 

The Benefits of Scanning and Digitising Documents  

Document scanning and digitising offer several benefits for SMEs and large organisations, such as: 

Enhanced Data Security 

Paper files are vulnerable to several threats, including fire, flood damage, and misplacement, and they are also at risk of falling into the wrong hands. 

Digital document files are encrypted, secure and backed up at regular intervals, which guarantees that your documents will be safe should disaster strike. 

In addition, you add password protection to a document or folder to manage who can access it for added security. 

Easy Accessibility  

Locating a digital file is far more accessible in a document management system than in a physical filing system. With a digital document solution, you can access your documents in seconds. Simply search for the file name or number and retrieve the document you need to save valuable time and improve employee efficiency. 

Saves Space 

These days, physical office space is hard to come by and extremely valuable. With digital file storage, you can free up your filing cabinet-filled storage room and use the area for something more beneficial. 

Straightforward Collaboration  

Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time, even when you’re not in the office, by sharing your files via a link. Once you have shared your document, your colleagues can edit and work on them—even at the same time as you. 

Improved Compliance 

Digital documents leave a transparent audit trail detailing who accessed or modified the documents and when. This transparency simplifies compliance by demonstrating that procedures are followed correctly, and data is sufficiently protected. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint 

By storing documents in a digital format, you can significantly lower your carbon footprint as it reduces your energy and paper consumption and eliminates unnecessary paper waste. 

Whether you’re an SME or a large corporation, taking the leap and digitising your documents can yield significant benefits for you and your employees. 

Enjoy a simpler, cleaner, and more manageable filing system with our scanning solution. Speak to one of our friendly printer specialists to find out more.