The Benefits of a Managed Print Solution for SME’s

The Benefits of a Managed Print Solution for SME’s

Whether you have been running your business for years or your business is still in its infancy, you probably haven’t thought about how much your printers cost to run annually. Between the number of printers you have, the cost of consumables, and the time (and money) spent carrying out repairs and maintenance, the money you spend on printing can quickly add up. 


A managed print solution can help you to streamline print processes across the board, reduce costs, increase security, and allow your employees to focus on more important jobs.  


Most SMEs are unaware of the actual costs associated with running their office printers or of the benefits a managed print service can offer them. In this article, we discuss some of the key benefits print management services can offer SME’s. 


Managed print solutions save money  

Outdated printers come with hefty ongoing repair and maintenance costs as standard. With a managed print solution, all machines are brand new, meaning their warranty covers all repairs and maintenance bills. 


Managed print provides ongoing support 

Think about how much time you spend dealing with printer problems, waiting on repairs, and replacing and ordering consumables. With a managed print service, this is all automatic. All servicing and maintenance are carried out regularly, and your printer notifies us that it’s running low on toner and paper before it’s too late – so that we can send it out to you before you run out. 


Managed print increases security 

Many modern devices are equipped with strict security features that help to prevent your confidential information from ending up in the wrong hands. Older devices are more likely to be accessed by hackers as they don’t share the same innovative security features. 


Managed print improves efficiency 

Managed print services will prevent you and your employees from wasting time ordering consumables, dealing with paper jams and other common malfunctions, and restocking toner. 


Managed print reduces carbon footprint 

Outdated printers are renowned for wasting paper and toner and using way more electricity than needed. Managed print solutions take advantage of state-of-the-art devices and innovative solutions to help streamline print processes, reducing waste and saving money. 


When running a busy SME, reducing printer supply and maintenance costs is usually on the back burner. However, they should not be overlooked as their financial and practical effects can severely impact your business. Enlisting the services help and support of a print management company can help to guarantee that your print processes are streamlined, secure and cost-effective.  


Would you like to learn more about the benefits of a managed print solution for your SME? Talk to our managed print experts today to discuss your ongoing print requirements.