Scanning Solutions from Control Print

Lady picking up paper from a scanner

Have you ever been tasked with scanning piles of old documents and then manually copying the data from each of them to store on the network? Not fun… Or maybe you have had a number of paper-based documents that you require information from, and you need to find it quickly to put into a new digital format? Not fun either…

Did you know that there is actually a solution to such mind-numbing chores?

Our scanning solutions

Here at Control Print, we provide several innovative scanning solutions that ‘read’ the information on scanned documents, translating it into digital format, and allowing you to search for specific information within the document, or even transfer it to another file type.

Once the information has been read, the software can use it to name the file, look up information in other business systems on the network or create directories, so that it can be stored in a database or document management system.

The software can also allow you to easily convert one individual file type into another file if required. For example, you may have scanned a document that is in Word format, but you need it to be in Excel – our scanning solutions can enable you to do that.

How can scanning solutions benefit businesses?

Reduces opportunity for error

Menial tasks such as searching for information or translating information from one format to another leaves room for error. Our solutions are proven to be effective and minimise mistakes.

Modernise and digitise the way businesses work

Lots of businesses out there have now freed themselves of endless paper documents that they may need information from ‘one day’. Our solutions allow you to digitise documents and store them in a format that information can be taken from easily if needed for future use.

Saves time

No one really has time to go through documents looking for the information they need when time is of the essence and they could be doing more productive jobs. Our scanning solutions are swift and efficient and make searching and translating information quick and easy.

Improves efficiency and productivity

By making such tasks quick and easy, frees up time for employees. Allowing them to focus their time on more important jobs.

Want to find out more?

Our scanning solutions are perfect for businesses who are looking to modernise the way they work, rid themselves of endless archived paperwork and save time. If you think our scanning solutions will benefit your business and you want to find out more, get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable team today.