Printer Cybersecurity: What You Can Do To Protect Your Confidential Data

Printer Cybersecurity: What You Can Do To Protect Your Confidential Data

The office printer and the data it handles are at the centre of almost every SME. Just think about the time you spend processing confidential business documents, employee records & contracts, bank details, and sensitive customer information. If any of this sensitive data were to get lost or fall into the wrong hands, it would pose a massive risk to your business. 

In recent years cybercrime has progressed significantly. Unfortunately, hackers are increasingly pursuing SMEs due to their lack of awareness, weaker security systems, and lower budgets. 

Thankfully, by making a few minor alterations to your company’s print infrastructure, you can significantly reduce the risk of a breach and keep your sensitive data protected. 

What can you do to protect your business? 

Here are a few ways in which your SME can enhance its cybersecurity policies when it comes to office printing: 

Implement a strict print security policy 

If unaware of the risks, it’s easy for employees to take printer security for granted when printing, scanning, and sharing documents on the network. Without employing a clear and concise print security policy for your employees to follow, there’s a good chance that you leave your documents and the confidential data they contain at risk. 

Raise awareness of threats 

Without the knowledge of correct print protocol in the workplace, your employees may incorrectly share, print, or scan documents containing sensitive information, inadvertently opening your business up to potential threats. 

Keep drivers up to date 

Updating your print drivers regularly fixes bugs and adds additional features that may help to maximise your printer’s protection. 

Use an advanced print security solution 

Print security solutions have significantly advanced in recent years. Many of these innovative solutions work by encrypting print jobs to ensure that they cannot be intercepted by hackers and use intelligent software to back up and protect your data if it were to go missing. 

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By implementing strict and effective print cybersecurity measures, your SME can minimize vulnerabilities and reduce your risk of cyber-attacks and confidential data loss. 

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