Which of our software solutions is right for you?

Which of our software solutions is right for you?

Want to explore which of our software solutions is right for you? Keep reading to help make up your mind! 


Let’s start with what services we have on offer. 


Cloud Print  

  • Contributes to the decrease in environmental footprint in order to make sustainable habits the status quo 

This is the ideal solution to managing a communal printer use during the pandemic; this is because it reduces the need for employees to touch the printer, ensuring safe and contactless printing – from anywhere! This option allows for:  files to be printed from your home comforts, the ability to print documents ahead of time, as you can even collect your print job when you’re next in the office. 



  • It helps you protect your employees from COVID-19 by adhering to social distancing rules with our contactless sign-in option. This allows visitors to quickly and effortlessly sign into your site using their chosen device.  


The benefit of this solution is that it helps businesses adhere to social distancing rules using the safer sign in options – it’s super quick, which contributes to safer deliveries!  


Print Management Solution 

  • Enables you to optimise the way documents and print are handled within your organisation through facilities such as tracking your printing by the user 

The benefit of this solution is that it utilises print management software to save money by managing what’s being printed and how it’s being printed – all from one central hub. 


Mobile & Cloud Printing solution 

  • It can help you print anything from anywhere – with any device securely 

This option enables you to have a much easier time printing documents, therefore, increasing productivity. 


Scanning Process  

  • The provision of several flexible ways to ‘read’ the information you want to use; for example, you might want to read a pre-printed code, a barcode, use OCR to hunt for a word or phrase located in different positions on the paperwork or view an area on the paperwork allowing you to highlight the word to be extracted.  


Document Management  

  • The ability to control access to critical documents or to ensure only the latest version of a document is ever being used may be crucial to your working processes 

Having software like this means you can reduce costs and iron out inefficiencies resulting in a better workflow for all employees. 


Output Management 

  • With the automated distribution software, you can send jobs to different printers and even other printer trays 

This makes it easy to organise workflows that require different paper types, formats or finishing options. 


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