Return to business safely and hygienically with our contactless sign-in solution

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People across the UK are understandably concerned about returning to the workplace following the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, they are worried about getting to close to one another and touching high-touch areas in case of infection.

Our new digital sign-in solution can help to promote a safer and more hygienic workplace by encouraging social distancing and eliminating the need for employees to touch shared surfaces.

No-touch sign-in for employees and visitors

Our contactless sign-in solution is a fully customisable, safe, and secure, no-touch option for any industry including schools, colleges, and universities.

Our solution allows staff, students, and visitors to sign in to your site all from the safety of their own smartphone. And there is absolutely no need for them to install a separate app to do so!

In addition to this, sign in is super-quick, meaning queues and large groups of people waiting in the reception area will be significantly reduced.

Health and safety messages

With our digital sign-in solution, you can convey important health and safety information to visitors and staff by displaying texts, images, PDFs or videos on their smartphones. This is great for communicating essential information, such as social distancing and handwashing policies.

GDPR compliant tracing

With the pandemic in full swing, many venues and establishments now need to ensure that they have a GDPR compliant contact tracing system that can record the details of all visitors in case they need to be traced.

Our solution allows you to collect information from every single visitor that enters your site. All the data is saved in compliance with GDPR, meaning that if there is an outbreak on-site, you can track and trace them easily.

Contactless deliveries

With our sign-in solution, you can still accept all of your regular deliveries, safely and hygienically. By using our digital sign-in solution, couriers can sign into your building via their smartphone, completely eliminating the need for them to touch a signing in book or tablet.

In addition to this, our contactless sign-in solution can automate your delivery processes, by notifying you when a package arrives at your building.

Why choose contactless sign-in from Control Print?


  • It is entirely safe and secure.
  • It is GDPR compliant.
  • It can be used across multiple sites.
  • There is no limit to the number of employees or visitors you can process per site.
  • It is available from only £48.00 per month!

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