How to modernise your print infrastructure

How to modernise your print infrastructure

Printing is often the last part of the equation we consider when working on the strategic development of our business’ IT infrastructure. However, it is definitely a part that we should not ignore.  


In this blog post, we outline four simple ways that you can modernise your print infrastructure.  


Move to the cloud 

The cloud is revolutionising how we do business as more organisations move their core IT services and print infrastructure to the cloud. Moving your print infrastructure to the cloud is a simple and effective way to streamline your processes, boost your digital resiliency, and save money. 


Harness the power of digital solutions 

There are hundreds of digital solutions out there that help businesses save money, reduce energy consumption and eliminate paper waste when printing. Investing in a digital solution for your business can help you modernise your infrastructure and cut unnecessary costs.  


Check out our cloud print solution, which uses clever tools to help you view, track and manage your print usage so you can make changes where necessary to help reduce your overheads and print more sustainably.  


Upgrade your device 

You may be tempted to hold on to your trusty old printer, but you can achieve superior print quality, increased employee productivity and significant cost-saving benefits when you upgrade your device.  


Faster print speeds – Hundreds of devices out there can push out huge print volumes in minutes. This will help save you and your employees time so that you can focus on more important jobs.  

Manufacturer warranty – A new device is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, so if anything goes wrong, it will be repaired or replaced.  

Use less energy – These days, it’s all about energy consumption and cost reductions, so investing in a newer device that consumes less will help you modernise your infrastructure.  

No initial outlay – In 2023, you no longer have to fork out thousands for a new office printer. Instead, you can lease one for a fixed and manageable monthly cost.  

More than just print – Gone are the days of printers that do nothing more than print. These days most of the printers we see in the modern office can scan, copy, fold leaflets, and even staple booklets.  


Focus on security solutions  

Most modern-day multi-function printers are Wi-Fi enabled. That means they are connected not only to your internal IT systems but they are also open to the internet. And being open to the internet leaves you open to hackers.  


Investing in a secure print solution for your business will help reduce the risk of a security breach and protect your confidential data.  

Is your company seeking to reduce its printing and related costs, roll out digitisation throughout the workplace, and improve efficiency across the board?  

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