Contactless Sign-In Benefits for Serviced Offices

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Whether you run a suite of serviced offices or you currently rent one for your business, our contactless sign-in solution can offer several benefits.

In this blog post, we outline just a few of the benefits of using our contactless sign-in solution in serviced offices.

Know who is in your office at all times

When people sign in to your office, their details will automatically upload onto the system. This means that even if you are not onsite, you can find out who is currently in the office at the touch of a button.

No need to employ reception staff around the clock

Employing reception staff during the evenings or weekends can be costly. However, with the help of our contactless sign-in solution, visitors can sign themselves into your building whenever they want, meaning there’s no need to employ reception staff around the clock.

It’s COVID-safe

During this time, we want to do all we can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect ourselves and others. Running a busy serviced office block or having your business situated inside one can increase that risk due to the number of shared surfaces.

Having a contactless sign-in solution means that people do not have to touch a screen to enter the building, meaning less contact with shared surfaces and reduced risk of transmitting the virus.

Have you heard about our other contactless solution?

In addition to contactless sign-in, we also offer a contactless print solution, ideal for any modern office. Our contactless print solution enables you to print from anywhere, avoid the print queue and eliminate print waste. You can find out all about our Contactless Print Solution and it’s benefits here.

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