Questions to ask yourself when buying a new office printer

hand pushing printer button

Having a good working printer is essential for various reasons, which is why if and when considering a new one for the office, it’s key to ask yourself a few questions. 


We’ve come up with five questions as suggestions to help you with this; keep reading to find out what they are. 


  1. How much do I need to print? – this is an excellent question as it helps you gauge your printing requirements aiding the rest of this process
  2. Will I be printing in colour? – It’s good to identify this as it helps to determine what type of printer you look for and can narrow your options down.
  3. What kind of product specifications am I looking for? – knowing this helps you know exactly what you need and what you should look for.
  4. How much do I expect to spend? Like many expenses, it’s good to consider a budget; determining this helps filter out your price range and make financial decisions around this.
  5. What is wrong with my current printer? – this will help you determine why you need a new one in the first place, which help answer all the questions above, bringing you one step closer to choosing the perfect office printer. 


If you don’t print often, it may be advisable for you to get a desktop printer, but if you do, then you will most like need a big printer that’s quick!