PaperCut Software and its Benefits

PaperCut Software and its Benefits

Here at Control Print, we are passionate about delivering top-quality solutions to our clients. That’s why, we have chosen to partner with some of the leading hardware and software providers in the industry.

With the emphasis on environmental impact greater than ever, business owners are now looking for new ways to reduce their environmental footprint, and of course – save money. For this reason, we have partnered with PaperCut; a print management software solution designed to help business owners monitor and control their print output.

From small businesses with one single device, right through to big organisations with large printer fleets; PaperCut can be used to track printing, generate reports, and set rules and restrictions all from one easy to navigate dashboard.

So, how can this software benefit businesses?


It can save you money

By monitoring your print output via the PaperCut dashboard, you have complete oversight over how much is being printed either by user, device or department. PaperCut also helps you to take the necessary steps to manage your output by allowing you to set filters to encourage greyscale printing, enforce quotas and cleverly sending print jobs to the cheapest device.


It can significantly reduce your print waste

We are all trying to make a conscious effort to minimise the waste that we generate; whether it be food waste, unnecessary plastic waste, or print waste. By utilising all of the aforementioned features, PaperCut can help you to dramatically reduce waste, and your environmental footprint.


It can provide a secure printing method

We all understand the consequences of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, and unfortunately that risk is significantly greater when there are multiple people all using the same printer.

With PaperCut’s secure print release function, you can prevent confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands. This function can also help to reduce the volume of unclaimed printouts by ensuring users release print jobs at the point of printing.

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