Why should my hotel use contactless sign-in during COVID-19?

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Do you run a busy hotel? Are you looking for an alternative sign-in solution that can help your guests sign in quickly and safely? Look no further than our innovative contactless sign-in solution.

Our contactless sign-in solution was originally designed and developed to be a safe and secure alternative to visitor books and timesheets. The solution provided quick and easy entry into buildings and allowed business owners to process sensitive information whilst also being GDPR compliant.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, we have noticed that a lot of our customers are now using our sign-in solution for its ‘contactless’ benefits.

Why are they doing this?

Our customers are using our contactless sign-in solution because it allows them to sign in guests, employees, and visitors without encountering shared surfaces, which is especially important during such a worrying time. With our solution, a visitor can enter a building without touching a shared surface such as a reception desk, an iPad, or a pen. By limiting the number of surfaces touched by visitors, business owners are potentially reducing the risk of contamination inside their building.

How would our sign-in solution benefit hotel owners during the pandemic?

Once this third (and hopefully final) lockdown is over, people will want to start travelling again and visit family and friends in different areas of the UK and hotels will resume taking bookings. By having our solution in place, hotel owners will see the following benefits:

The ability to promote ‘touchless’ entry

People are concerned about picking up the virus everywhere they go, so being able to promote your hotel as having ‘touchless’ entry would definitely be an advantage to potential visitors.

Track and trace ability

Our contactless solution keeps track of visitor numbers, so you do not have to. Find out instantly who is on your site in the click of a button. Our solution also processes sensitive data securely, so if there is an outbreak in your establishment, you can contact visitors straight away.

What else does our contactless sign-in solution offer hotel owners?

Display videos

With our solution, you can circulate informative videos to your guests, including health and safety briefs and important information about your hotel. This means your employees don’t have to do it in person – protecting both your guests and your staff.

Send forms

Allow your visitors to sign NDA’s and policies from the convenience of their own smartphone.

Send direct messages

Update your guests about mealtimes, check out times and opening times by sending instant alerts to them from the dashboard.

Want to know more?

Think our solution might be for you? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to talk you though everything – just call 01525 261519.