Moreland Estate Agents


“Having been asked if we would provide a reference, I had no hesitation in responding.


We have been delighted with the machine and the post-sales support from Control Print. Before going ahead with the new machine, Justin suggested we have the machine for a trial period so we could evaluate not only the machine but also the company and how they handled the installation of the trial machine. I was extremely impressed at this offer as it showed the confidence Justin had in his staff and the equipment. Suffice to say the trial experience went so well we went ahead with the machine.


In the sales process, Justin spoke at length about the software Control Print use to remotely dial into the machine to resolve any service-related issues. It has far exceeded what we had expected. The machine automatically emails Control Print with any toner requests, meter readings, and service issues, we have to do nothing! It is truly a fully managed solution. My last point is the copy quality of the machine, as an estate agent, the quality of the print is vital to our business. To that end we have been delighted with the Konica Minolta, the print and copy quality is superb!”