Signs Your Office Printer Needs Replacing

Signs Your Office Printer Needs Replacing

For most businesses, printers play a huge role and are considered a fundamental resource in the office. However, just like most office technology, they need to be repaired and even replaced, as sadly they don’t last forever.

In this blog post, we outline at the indications that your printer is past it’s best, and you should save your time and money by investing in a new one.

Excessive and loud noises

Although it is completely normal for printers to make a small amount of noise when they are functioning, if your device is making significantly more noise than usual, it may be a warning sign that there is something malfunctioning inside.

It produces poor quality print

Faint print, blurry or no print, and smearing or bleeding from inconsistent ink or toner application are all common frustrations aging printers can throw at us. If your printer is showing signs of any of these problems and producing poor-quality print, at some point you will have to upgrade to a new device.

You struggle to find replacement consumables

When it becomes increasingly difficult to find replacement ink and toner cartridges, that’s when you know that your printer is very old and it’s time to find a replacement.

It has limited functions

If you regularly scan, copy and print documents, but are still doing this by using separate devices, then you should consider upgrading to a multi-function printer that can perform all those functions, without the need for multiple devices.

Industry leaders such as Konica Minolta and HP are now producing devices that can scan, copy and print all from one machine.

Investing in a multi-function device could be a great move for you, as it will free up valuable office space, save you money on energy bills, whilst also increasing productivity.

It’s no longer fit for purpose

Sometimes your needs outgrow your printer. It may not have all the functionality you need, or they may be unable to keep up with the workload, or it may just be too expensive to run. Now is the time to upgrade.

It needs repairing or servicing frequently

Constantly having to have your printer serviced slows down productivity and is frustrating, not forgetting the costs associated with the repair bills.

If your printer is spending more time down than actually running, it’s time to replace it.

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