Did you know your photocopier can do that?

Did you know your photocopier can do that?

Your office photocopier is the heart of your business. But did you know that these productivity-enhancing devices can do so much more than just scan, copy, and print*? 


Here’s a rundown of the functions that photocopiers can do that you might not know about. 


Staple and hole-punch 

The majority of modern-day photocopiers can staple and hole-punch documents using innovative automatic processes. 


Create mail-ready envelopes 

You don’t need an envelope printer to create lots of mail-ready envelopes. Most photocopiers can print mail-ready envelopes, and some can even print images and addresses straight onto them. 


Fold documents  

Finishing modules on most photocopiers can fold papers in various ways using repeatable, automated actions which effortlessly produce consistent folds. This function is perfect for flyer, brochure, and booklet printing. 


Print rules 

With your photocopier, you can establish what devices your employees can print to, whether or not they can print in colour or even put a cap on how much they can print. This function can help you to reduce unnecessary usage and eliminate print waste. 


Track costs 

Your photocopier can tell you exactly how many pages it has printed, how many documents it has scanned and how much ink it has used with just a few clicks. This means that you can quickly and easily track your usage and your spending across your entire business. 


*All functions depend on device model 


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