Questions to ask when choosing your next printer


Selecting the right printer for your business can be a headache, especially as there is a bewildering range available, all with different features.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself to help you find the printer that best meets your needs.

Will I be printing in colour or black and white?

If you only ever print plain-text letters or documents, a black and white printer will suffice (and save you money on both the initial printer price and future ink supplies). However, if you usually print documents with graphics and images (or you think you might in the future) you will need to invest in a colour printer.

What kind of material will I be printing?

While inkjet printers are significantly cheaper to buy than laser printers, they both have several advantages and disadvantages depending on the kind of material you will be printing.  That’s why you need to ask yourself what print quality you expect from your printer, as fundamentally, what you print will determine what you need.

Laser printers are intended for text-heavy printing as they are usually very accurate and fast, while inkjet printers are better for photos, graphics, and low-level general printing.

How much do I print?

A couple of sheets per day? Or hundreds of sheets per week? It’s important to think about this because how much you print will determine the processing power, capacity, and memory your printer should have.

How much speed do I need?

If you typically print 1-2 pages at a time, you probably don’t need a printer with a lot of speed. If you are printing documents with multiple pages, multiple times per day, you are going to want a printer with high print speed.

Do I need a single function or multifunction printer?

If all you want your printer for is printing, then go with a single function printer. If you know you will want to make copies or scan documents and images, then you are going to need a multi-function device.

It’s always important to think about this as your business usage will grow however the printer will not.

Nowadays, there are many printers on the market which are said to be ‘all-in-one’ printers. They provide us the ability to scan, print and copy from one single device.

Finding the best printer for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Did you know that you can now find the perfect printer for your business by using our handy online tool? Check it out here and receive an instant recommendation.