Limit employee contact with our contactless print solution

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With social distancing set to become the new norm in the workplace, now is the time for businesses to focus on solutions that enable them to move forwards, but also prioritise employee health and safety.

It is simple enough for employers to provide each member of staff with their own personal equipment, but what about shared equipment such as printers and copiers?

Here is how our new contactless print solution limits employee contact with printers and MFD’s (Multifunctional Devices) and promotes social distancing in the workplace.

Eliminates the need to touch the printer

One of the most commonly touched surfaces in the office is the printer’s control panel. Every day, heaps of documents are scanned, copied, and printed – all by different people.

With our contactless print solution, employees can control print functions from the safety of their smartphone, without the need to touch the control panel.

Eliminates the print queue

Our new cloud print solution features a ‘secure print release’ function, which enables users to send print jobs to the printer at any time and only collect them when they are ready. The ‘secure print release’ function works by ‘holding on’ to the print job and only releasing it when the print job owner arrives at the printer and confirms they are ready to collect their print job.

The function guarantees that documents are only printed when the print job owner can personally receive them at the printer, meaning that if someone is already collecting their print job, others can wait from the safety of their desk. It’s a safe and secure solution to printer queues which promotes social distancing in the workplace and reduces the risk of potential infection.

Enables printing from anywhere

With our solution, you and your employees can print from anywhere and from any device. So whether you need to print a document from home, or if you need to send a job to the printer when you’re travelling into the office – you can do it quickly and securely with our contactless print solution.

Why choose our cloud print solution?


  • Our solution is environmentally friendly and promotes responsible and waste-free printing in several ways. You can read more about this, here.
  • Our solution can be managed from any smartphone.
  • Set up is quick, easy and will not cause any downtime.
  • Our solution boasts three security features to ensure documents’ safety before, during and after printing.
  • It facilitates driver-free printing from any device, and from any location
  • It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, in any industry.

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