5 Signs You Need A Managed Print Service 

5 Signs You Need A Managed Print Service 

A Managed Print Service is a comprehensive approach to managing and optimising an organisation’s printing infrastructure and document output to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. 

If your office printer is causing you endless headaches, you’re struggling to keep track of your printing costs, or you feel like you need to be printing more wisely, then it might be time to consider a Managed Print Service. 

This article outlines five telltale signs your business will benefit from a Managed Print Serivce. 


Understanding Managed Print Services  

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a unified print management approach designed to oversee, enhance, and optimise an organisation’s printing and document output processes. Typically, a MPS will include: 

  • Printers and photocopiers. 
  • Toner replenishment. 
  • Device servicing and maintenance. 
  • Remote assistance. 
  • Optional software solutions to enhance security, reduce print waste and enhance productivity. 
  • Auditing, usage tracking, and reporting.

5 Signs You Need A Managed Print Service 

1: You Have Multiple Devices But Don’t Use Them All 

Do you have multiple devices within your fleet but rarely use them all? Do you operate separate devices for printing, photocopying, and scanning? Not only is this ineffective and unproductive, but it is also a waste of energy and resources. 

An MPS provider will thoroughly assess your existing print environment to identify areas of inefficiency and waste. This includes inventorying all printing devices, understanding usage patterns, and analysing associated costs. They will then use this data to consolidate and upgrade devices to enhance productivity and streamline printing processes. 

2: You Find Yourself Dealing With Printer Related Issues More Than You’d Like 

Are you constantly troubleshooting printer issues, updating drivers, and fixing paper jams? With MPS, you never have to worry about printer-related problems, as all devices are regularly serviced and maintained as part of the contract. In addition, you have access to remote support to help resolve any issues before they become big problems. 

3: You’re Struggling To Control Your Spending 

Staying in control of how much you spend on printing is a difficult task. MPS provides detailed reporting and analytics on your print usage, costs, and performance so you know exactly how much, when, and where you spend. 

MPS providers may suggest and implement cost-effective solutions such as managed print software, document management systems, and cloud-based printing services to enhance efficiency and reduce overall expenses. 

4: You’re always Running Out Of Toner 

Have you found yourself constantly running out of toner or ordering too much? MPS tracks and replenishes your toner cartridges before you even realise you’re running low to ensure that devices are always operational. 

5: You’re Unable to Track your Printing Costs Accurately 

Surprisingly, many business owners don’t actually know how much they spend on the print infrastructure. Some people only track their expenses by estimating how much toner, ink, and paper they have ordered each month. However, there’s so much more to account for when calculating your printing costs. 

MPS allows businesses to consolidate and track costs with monthly usage reporting, providing organisations with better visibility, control, and optimisation of their print-related expenses. 

By outsourcing the management of your print environment to Control Print Solutions, you can focus on your core business activities while enjoying the benefits of a more efficient, cost-effective, and secure printing infrastructure. Find out more about our services or speak to a managed print expert to discuss how we can help you.